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FALL 2020 WELU Virtual Learning Circles

We at WELU share a commitment to lifelong learning and we enjoy being part of a learning community. Covid-19 is interfering with how we do this. While we wait to be able to return to our traditional lecture format, we will offer an assortment of virtual learning circles.

Like our normal in-person programming, each learning circle consists of a series of about six lectures on a topic. Registrants meet on-line to watch a lecture and then break into small groups for discussion. Participation is free and does not affect registration for other WELU events.

Equipment needed by participants
  • Computer with microphone and video capabilities
  • Internet access
Skills needed by
  • Ability to view videos of the type found on YouTube.
  • Ability to use Zoom teleconferencing.
A video tutorial can be found at the link on the grey button

You may register for one of the following series using the button on the right, when the series is not shaded grey.


WINTER 2021 WELU Virtual Learning Circles

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This course material is also available for independent study here:

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Do you have an idea for a series?
Please send by e-mail using the button here

If and when we are able to resume anything like normal operations, then
talks are likely to be held on Tuesday mornings at the Kanata branch of the:

Royal Canadian Legion,
70 Hines Road,
Kanata, ON K2K 2M5
Phone: 613-591-5570
Map and directions here).
They begin at 9.30 am and finish around 11.30 am.

This is a non-profit club and it is intended to collect sufficient personal information of members, to facilitate membership records. This information will not be divulged outside the club.