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Robert Bateman Masterclass Full for the October 4th to 9th, 2020 class and uncertain to run in 2021 because of the virus

Hi, I attended a Robert Bateman Masterclass in Victoria last Spring. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you have the time and the money and would like to spend a couple of days in Robert Bateman’s presence read on. If you’d just like to learn about his life, philosophy and technique then watch the 90 odd videos on Youtube pointed to by the "Behind the Scenes" button.

Bill Holman,
WELU Registrar
H: 613 829 8488
C: 613 407 8448

Robert Bateman Behind the Scenes

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Almonte Lectures series

The Almonte Lectures series was the brainchild of a retired Chemistry Professor at Carleton University, Donald Wiles, who has been involved with a successful similar initiative at Carleton University. Don Wiles was also the series' first speaker, in February 2004, presenting his lecture on the Chemistry of Colour.

Find more about this series here


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