Past Series

Series 1 - 2001-2002Series 11 - 2011-2012
Series 2 - 2002-2003Series 12 - 2012-2013
Series 3 - 2003-2004Series 13 - 2013-2014
Series 4 - 2004-2005Series 14 - 2014-2015
Series 5 - 2005-2006Series 15 - 2015-2016
Series 6 - 2006-2007Series 16 - 2016-2017
Series 7 - 2007-2008Series 17 - 2017-2018
Series 8 - 2008-2009Series 18 - 2018-2019
Series 9 - 2009-2010Series 19 - 2019-2020
Series 10 - 2010-2011

Series 1

Fall 2001 - Medicine in a Changing World

Coordinators - Wilf Pilsworth, David Farquharson, & Dr. Peter Walker

  • Two-Tier Medicine - Marion Dewar

  • Epidemiology & Community Medicine - Dr. George Wells

  • Population Health Risk Assessment - Dr. Daniel Krewski

  • Alternative Medicine - Dr. Jacques Bradwejn

  • Molecular Medicine - Dr. Michael Rudnicki

Winter 2002 - Contemporary Moral Issues

Coordinator - Dr. Randal Marlin, Dept of Philosophy, Carleton University

  • Global Justice - Dr. Kay Drydyk

  • Propaganda & Ethics of Persuasion - Dr. Randal Marlin

  • Biotechnology - Dr. Marc Saner

  • The Indian School Issue - Dr. Derek Smith

  • Business Ethics - Dr. Steven Maguire

Spring 2002 - Canadian Art

Coordinator - Michael Bell, Art Gallery, Carleton University


Series 2

Fall 2002 - Medicine in a Changing World II

Coordinator - Dr. Peter Walker, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Winter 2003 - Music for Everyone

Coordinators - Wilf Pilsworth & David Farquharson

Spring 2003 - Canadian Political Issues

Coordinators - Wilf Pilsworth & David Farquharson


Series 3

Fall 2003 - Law and Justice

Coordinator - Bruce Feldthusen, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

  • One Man's Journey - Larrey Roine

  • Evaluation of Cases by Supreme Court - Barbara Kincaid

  • The Parole Board - Rene Collette

  • Canada's Immigration Act & Refugee System - Peter Showler

  • The RCMP - Philip Murray

  • Aspects of the Legal Aid Process - Natalie Champagne

  • Class Action Lawsuits in Canada - Christopher Rootham

Winter 2004 - Foreign Affairs: Ambassador Series

Coordinators - Frank & Elaine Doyle, Krishna Gupta

  • Israel - Ambassador Haim Divon

  • Iran - Ambassador Dr. S. M. Ali Mousavi

  • Pakistan - Ambassador S. Malik

  • Norway - Ambassador I. Havnen

  • India - High Commissioner Sashi Tripathi

  • Canadian Ambassador - Former Ambassador Ross Francis

  • A Summary of Middle Eastern Issues from a Canadian Perspective - John Sigler

Spring 2004 - Nature and the Environment

Coordinators - Wilf Pilsworth & David Farquharson

  • Environmental Threats in 21st Century - Elizabeth May

  • An Aboriginal View of Nature - Harvey McCue

  • Research of Whales of the St. Lawrence - Amanda Beattie

  • The World of Owls - Bruce DiLabio

  • Dry Gardening - Fleurette Huneault

  • Our Rideau Jewel - Doug Stewart


Series 4

Fall 2004 - Canadian Constitutional Law

Coordinators - Shirley Hendry & Jim Hendry

  • What is the Canadian Constitution? - Warren Newman

  • Human Rights in Canada - Jim Hendry

  • Equality and Social Policy - Jim Hendry

  • Aboriginal Issues & the Constitution - Josee Boudreau

  • The Constitution & Terrorism - Josie Van Dieen

  • Development of Policy in Federal Gov't - Virginia McRae

  • Constitutional Overview & Summary - Mary Dawson

Winter 2005 - Geo-heritage: a Natural Extension of Cultural Heritage

Coordinator - Allan Donaldson, Dept of Earth Sciences, Carleton University

Spring 2005 - Canadian National Parks

Coordinators - Wilf Pilsworth & Cam McNeil


Series 5

Fall 2005 - Medicine in a Changing World III

Coordinator - Dr. Peter Walker, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Winter 2006 - Religions of the World

Coordinators - Wilf Pilsworth & Joan Taylor

Spring 2006 - Aspects of Canadian Law

Coordinator - Helen Pinel


Series 6

Fall 2006 - Architecture

Coordinator - John Forster

Winter 2007 - Ambassadors: the Diplomatic Process

Coordinators - Julie Chahal & Margaret Edwards

Spring 2007 - Astronomy

Coordinators - Jill Jones & Brian McCullough

See for more information about this interesting hobby.


Series 7

Fall 2007 - Aboriginal Point of View

Coordinator - Julie Chahal

  • An Alternate World View - Tim O'Loan, Lawyer, Quebec Land Claims

  • Honouring the Wisdom of Culture in Health & Healing - Carlie Chase, Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

  • Justice System - Robynne Neugebauer, Carleton University

  • Assembly of First Nations on Health Issues - Rose Sones, Research & Health Policy, Leah Bartlett, Regional Health Survey, Mary Bradstreet Metallic, Research & Health Policy

  • Aboriginal Women's Journey through Culture - Irene Compton, Cultural Coordinator, Minwaashin Lodge

  • First Nations and the Media - Dan David, Journalist

Winter 2008 - Visual Arts

Coordinator - Julie Chahal

Spring 2008 - Medicine in a Changing World IV

Coordinators - Dr. John Forster & Dr. J. Bradwejn (Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Ottawa)


Series 8

Fall 2008 - Energy Alternatives

Coordinator - Robert Farrell

Winter 2009 - A Century of Flight - The Impact of Aviation on Canada

Coordinator - Don MacNeil

Spring 2009 - Archaeology

Coordinator - Julie Chahal, assisted by Joan Taylor,


Series 9

Fall 2009 - Afghanistan

Coordinator - Gary Van der Meulen

  • 'Air Force in Afghanistan'
    Capt Richard Eshaya

  • 'Afghanistan and the Canadian Army'
    Col Brian MacDonald (ret’d) - Conference of Defence Associations

  • ' Royal Canadian Legion'
    Brad White - Dominion Secretary

  • 'Nation Building in Harm’s Way - The Strategic Advisory Team in Afghanistan'
    LCol Fredric Aubin

  • 'Unembedded in Afghanistan - The view from outside the wire'
    Scott Taylor - Esprit de Corps Magazine

  • 'Operational Challenges in Regional Command South'
    Major Raymond Farrell - Artillery Officer.

Winter 2010 - Meteorology

Coordinator - Julie Chahal

Many thanks to the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society ( for assistance provided.

Spring 2010 - Canada’s Rivers - with an Ottawa focus

Coordinator - Bob Farrell


Series 10

Fall 2010 - International Aid

Coordinator - Rob Taylor

  • 'United Nations Perspective'
    Douglas Lindores, V-P, CIDA

  • 'Agriculture, Water & Irrigation'
    Aly Shady, P.Eng, CIDA

  • 'Lessons Learned in Electricity'
    Philip Schubert, P.Eng. CIDA

  • 'Fragile States'
    Nipa Banerjee, Phd., formerly HOA (Head of Aid) in Afghanistan for CIDA and now U of OTTAWA, International Development and Globalization

  • 'Protecting The Human Rights, Safety And Security Of Children And Youth'
    Andrea Kahn, CIDA

  • 'NGO (Non Government Organization) Perspective'
    Andrea Lindores, OXFAM

Winter 2011 - Updating what we know about Physics

  • 'Overview of Physics: What's changed?'
    Gerry Turcotte, former President, Communications Research Centre Canada

  • 'Condensed matter physics – 50 years since a wise guy said ‘there’s plenty of room at the bottom’'
    Sylvain Raymond, National Research Council Canada

  • 'Painting tumors with proton beams'
    Dr. Gabriel O. Sawakuchi, Assistant Professor of Physics

  • 'Wireless Evolution'
    Claude Belisle, a VP at Communications Research Centre

  • 'Experimental Particle Physics – Beyond the Atom'
    Gerald Oakham, Carleton University / TRIUMF

  • 'Theoretical Physics'
    Heather Logan, Associate Professor of Physics, Carleton U

Spring 2011 - Germany

  • 'Overview of Germany Today'
    Georg Jürgens, Deputy Head, German Embassy (Politics)

  • 'Bismarck and the unification of Germany: the man behind the myth'
    Dr. E. Peter Fitzgerald, Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton U

  • 'Goethe’s Faust: The World Drama in Germany and Canada'
    Dr. Jörg Esleben, Associate Professor of German, University of Ottawa

  • 'Immigration and its Challenges to German National Identity'
    Dr. Robert Gould, Associate Director, Centre for European Studies, Carleton University

  • 'The Science Culture in Germany, the Land of Ideas'
    Prof. Dr. Henry Mantsch, Senior Science Advisor, DFAIT

  • 'Germany in the European Union'
    Dr. Achim Hurrelmann, Assoc. Professor of Political Science, Carleton U


Series 11

Fall 2011 - Health Care Beyond Drugs

Coordinators: Julie Chahal & Pierre Paradis

  • 'Chiropractic'
    Dr. Pierre Paradis & Dr. Erin McLaughlin, Hazeldean Chiropractic

  • 'Naturopathy'
    Joel Lee Villeneuve, ND, Optihealth Holistic Centre

  • 'Brainwave Entrainment'
    Cathy Lumsden, M.A., Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group

  • 'Craniosacral Therapy'
    Allison Cochran, Partner, You Need a Wrap

  • 'Achieving True Health through Heilkunst'
    Wendy Knight Agard DMH, DHHP, True Health Holistic

  • 'Acupuncture'
    Dr. Allan Fradsham, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Winter 2012 - Ecology : from science to solutions

Coordinators: Doug Heard & Dr. Stephen Heard

  • 'Wildlife Health'
    Dr. Mark Forbes, Carleton University

  • 'Evolution of Diversity'
    Dr. Rees Kassen, Ottawa University

  • 'Ecology of Invasive Species'
    Dr. Naomi Cappuccino, Carleton University

  • 'Assessing Human Risk to Environmental Contaminants'
    Jamie Doyle, Ottawa University

  • 'Landscape and Road Ecology'
    Jude Girard and Amanda Martin, Carleton University

  • 'Using Science to Advance Wetland Conservation in Canada'
    Jamie Fortune, Ducks Unlimited

Spring 2012 - The New Africa

Coordinator: Dr Don Sutherland

  • 'Evidence based planning -Nigerian Health Sector Reform'
    Dr. Lungi Okoko, International Development Research Center

  • 'Art and Culture in Reemerging Zimbabwe'
    Professor Chikonzero Chazunguza

  • 'Food Insecurity in Southern Africa'
    Ms. Leanne Idzerda, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

  • 'Bioethical Dilemnas in Africa - HIV pre-exposure prevention research'
    Ms. Madzouka Kokolo, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

  • 'Training in Africa for Broadcast and Film'
    David Mowbray, Farm Radio/Baobab

  • 'The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Africa - signs of hope'
    Don Sutherland


Series 12


Coordinator: Barbara Hopper

    FRED BOWIE, CEO, Canada Retirement

    DAVID CORK, FCSI Director, Senior Wealth Advisor The Cork Brazeau Group

    ROSE ANNE DEVLIN, Ph.D. Vice-Dean of Research Faculty of Social Sciences University of Ottawa

    CHARLES FREEDMAN, Ph.D. Former Deputy Director of The Bank of Canada. Scholar in Residence, Economics Dept., Carleton University & Co-Chair of the Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics at Carleton

    MICHAEL HART, Ph.D. Professor and Simon Reisman Chair in Trade Policy, Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University

    David LONGWORTH, Ph.D. Former Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University John Weatherall Distinguished Fellow, Queen's University Fellow, C.D. Howe Institute

Winter 2013 - "Art History"

Coordinator: Bill Holman

  • "A Rich Heritage: The Arts of Canada's First Peoples."
    Dr. Anne de Stecher Carleton University Institute for the Comparative Study of Literature, Art and Culture

  • "Old Mills and Pioneer Values: The Southern Ontario History Paintings of Homer Watson, 1855-1936."
    Dr. Brian Foss Director, School for Studies in Art and Culture; Professor (Art History), Carleton University

  • “Max Liebermann (1847-1935): Painter, German, Jew.”
    Dr. Mitchell Frank, Associate Professor (Art History), Carleton University

  • "Prints, Fame and Fortune: Painters and their Engravers in 18th-century
    Britain." Dr. Stéphane Roy, Assistant Professor (Art History), Carleton University

  • "Cultural Preservation through Personal Reflection: The Powerful SelfPortraits of Contemporary Aboriginal Artists."
    Dr. Allan Ryan, Associate Professor School for Studies in Art and School of Canadian Studies, Carleton University

  • "Canadian Gothic Architecture."
    Dr. Peter Coffman, Assistant Professor School for Studies in Art and Culture (History & Theory of Architecture), Carleton University


Coordinator: Barbara Hopper


Series 13


Coordinators: Barb Hopper & Julie Chahal

    Ms. Milook AQIQI
    PhD candidate, Carleton Univ.;

    Costanza MUSU, PhD
    Assoc Professor
    Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Ottawa U

    (Intimidation via identity papers and border crossing refusals)
    Nadia ABU-ZAHRA, PhD
    School of Intl Development and Global Studies, Ottawa U

    Mr. Habib MASSOUD
    Canadian Diplomat and Middle East Expert

    Peter JONES, PhD
    Graduate School of Public & International Affairs, Ottawa U.

    Greg FISHER, PhD
    College of the Humanities,
    Carleton University

Winter 2014 - "Horticulture"

Coordinator: Phil Reilly

Western Therapeutic Herbalism; Did you know it exists? Kathleen Leeson,
Registered Herbalist
In this lecture, Kathleen Leeson will discuss the differences and similarities with the uninterrupted medical systems in China (TCM) and India (Ayurveda) with the resurgence of herbalism in the west. It is her hope that you will leave never saying what Health Canada said to her teacher in the '90's, 'there is no western herbalism'.
Wildlife-friendly gardening: supporting biodiversity in your backyard Melisa Lefebvre,
Canadian Wildlife Federation
Ms. Lefebvre, a wildlife biologist, will highlight, with a focus on native plants, the ecological principles of wildlife-friendly gardening and explain the importance of protecting biodiversity in backyard gardens.
Genetically Modified Foods and Crops. What's the Controversy? Lucy Sharratt,
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network
What are genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) crops and foods, and why is this new technology so controversial? Join us to discuss the environmental, social, economic and health concerns raised by GM foods, crops and animals. What’s on the market now, and in the future? What are the latest developments and concerns, in Canada and around the world? Lucy has been researching and campaigning on this issue for environmental groups for over 10 years
Advancements in organic horticulture Dr. Andrew Hammermeister,
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
Dr. Hammermeister conducts and facilitates research and education in organic agriculture across Canada. He will talk about some of the 100 research projects under his purview. He’ll relate progress on: scientific support of organic agriculture, meeting consumers’ organic food expectations and, optimizing farm production systems meeting sustainability criteria.
The Power of Horticulture and Green Spaces Paul Zammitt,
Director of Horticulture,
Toronto Botanical Gardens
On a daily basis Paul Zammit observes the effects horticulture has on individuals—preschoolers to seniors. Paul will talk about what both small and large public and private gardens can and should be doing for us all. His presentation is also about impacts of horticulture beyond direct impacts on people.
The Unruly Tree Joanna Dean, Associate Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa. Joanna Dean teaches environmental history at Carleton Univerisity. She served as the chair of Ottawa’s Forest and Greenspace advisory committee for a number of years and became intrigued with the passions and contradictions in our relationships with city trees. She is currently writing a book on the history of the urban forest, using Ottawa as a case study, and looking at the management, and mismanagement, of city trees since the mid-nineteenth century.

Spring 2014 - "Space and Time"

Coordinator: by Dr. Philip Gregory

Introduction & Radio Isotope Dating Dr. Philip Gregory
Evolution of Stars & Our Solar System Dr. Alan Scott, COM DEV
James Web Space Telescope & the Early Universe Dr. Neil Rowlands, COM DEV
Remote Earth And Atmospheric Sensing Dr. Andrew Bell, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
FOREWARN: Predicting Extreme Space Weather Dr. John Armitage, Professor, Physics, Carleton University
Space & Time in Literature Dr. Mayurika Chakravorty, Adjunct Professor, Carleton University

Series 14

Fall 2014 - "ENTOMOLOGY"

Organized by Cathie Faubert

OCTOBER 14Dr Tom Sheratt - Carleton Univ. Insect Mimicry
OCTOBER 21Jason Pollard - City of Ottawa ForesterAsh Borer Problems
OCTOBER 28Henri Goulet - Saving the Sand Dunes in Kanata
NOVEMBER 4Peter Hall - AuthorUnderstanding Butterflies
NOVEMBER 18Dr. Sophie Cardinal - Agric. CanadaNative Bees
NOVEMBER 25Telsing Andrews - Farmer Insects in the Garden

Winter 2015 - "Adventures in Aviation"

Organized by Cam McNeil

  • Session starts Jan 13 with Steven Quick, Director General of the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum who will take us from the Silver Dart 1909 to WW2.

  • Next on Jan 20 are two WW2 pilots, BGen Casley who flew Mosquitos in Burma and LCol Kasper who completed a tour on Lancasters, both heros.

  • Jan 27 will be the only supersonic MP Laurie Hawn to talk of flying nuclear armed Starfighters in the cold war.

  • On Feb 3 Karen McCrimmon, Liberal candidate and first woman to command an RCAF squadron to speak on women aircrew and in command.

  • On Feb 10 Tim Wood, now Canada's Soaring champion with almost 30 records. He flys all day.... with no engine.... in his 70s!

  • Bob Farrell - "The Argus"

Spring 2015 - "The Food Industry"

Organized by Cathie Faubert

17 MarchOrganic FarmingKatie Chiasson, National Farmers’ Union
24 March Healthy Eating from 9 to 5 Alexes Papadopoli, BSc, Registered Dietician; Loblaws
31 MarchFair Trade Issues in the Food IndustryLia Walsh, Director of Events for Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable
7 AprilThe GMO Debate: Examining the Issue of Genetically-Modified Organisms Mischa Kaplan, owner "Rainbow Foods"
14 AprilFood Myths Emily Jossinet, ARHN, Nutrition Coach &
Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND, Naturopath
21 AprilOttawa Hungry Capital Jennifer Lim & Don Chow, authors

Series 15

Fall - 2015 - Hearing

Organised by Julie Chahal.

20 Oct.How Hearing Works and What Can Go Wrong Rosanne McNamee, Doctor of Audiology, Hearing Solutions Clinic
27 Oct.Social Aspects of Hearing Loss Josée Lagacé, Assistant Professor and Audiologist, University of Ottawa
3 Nov. Hearing tests Renée Lefrançois, Director of Auditory Products, Clearwater Clinical Limited
10 Nov. Hearing aids Lee Hanna, Audiologist, Connect Hearing
17 Nov. Breaking through the Silence – other strategies Barbara Christopher, Hearing Care Counselor, Canadian Hearing Society
24 Nov Medical Interventions Rodney D. Taylor, Doctor of Audiology, Post-Doctoral Specialty in Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

Winter 2016 - "Scotland"

Organized by Julie Chahal

12 JanOverview of Scotland Today Michael Cox, Owner, The Scottish & Irish Store
19 JanScotch Whisky Maureen McArthur
26 JanLanguage and Oral Culture of the Highlands Alexander MacLennan,
Carleton University
2 FebRobert Burns- The Man, His World and the Myths Scott Reid
9 Feb The Lighthouse Stevensons Drew Wilson
16 FebHow the Scots Made Canada Dr. Gillian Leitch, PhD.

Spring 2016 - "The Brain"

Organized by Cathie Faubert





MARCH 15, 2016

A Healthy Mind and Brain Throughout Life

Sheida Rabipour,

PhD Student

BrainBuddies Outreach is a student-led community organization working to raise public awareness on brain function, cognitive health, and psychological well-being. Our members are directly involved in brain research and are uniquely qualified to share their expertise with the public.

MARCH 22, 2016

Getting to know the Transgender Brain

Dr. Elaine Waddington Lamont +


Ms. Dianne Skoll

When we think of a person’s sex, or gender, we typically think of people’s physical characteristics like a man’s facial hair, or the hour-glass shape of the idealized female figure.  However, our brains also have a gender that is largely responsible for the ways that men and women think and behave. This presentation will explore the transgender brain and better understand the physiological and anatomical differences that contribute to one’s sense of gender identity.

MARCH 29, 2016


Dr. Jean-Claude Béïque

This lecture will provide a brief overview of ‘brain plasticity’, or at least how this concept is used in modern neuroscience. Specific examples will explain why brain plasticity underlies the truly remarkable ability of the brain to learn and remember, while also pointing out when it may go awry.

APRIL 5, 2016

Regeneration of the Adult Brain

Dr. Diane Legace

Summary of what is known about stem cells that reside in the adult human brain and the current use of endogenous or transplanted stem cells in the treatment of brain disorders and injury.  We will discuss what type of stem cells are being used in newly emerging stem cells treatments, overview the breakthroughs in research and predict how stem cells used in the future for regeneration of the brain.

APRIL 12, 2016

Understanding Meditation and Mindfulness

Peter Black

The practice of paying greater attention to our experiences - around us and inside us. Learning to change unwholesome habits in favour of those which help us live in greater harmony with ourselves, our situation, and other people.

APRIL 19, 2016

The Brain Injury Association

Wendy Charbonneau

The Mission is to offer education, information, hope and support to persons with brain injury, their family members, friends, caregivers and professionals.


Series 16

Fall 2016 - "Urban Planning"

18 Oct.Intensification: Balancing conflicting needs. Taavi Siitam & Jill Savage,
Planners at City of Ottawa
25 Oct.Rebooting Ottawa:
A critique of Architecture and Urban Design in the Nation’s Capital
Rhys Phillips
1 Nov.Protecting the Primacy of the Capital Symbols. John Abel, retired,
National Capital Commission
8 Nov.Rethinking Mid Century Modernity:
Historic and Urban context of the NAC Rejuvenation Project
Barry Padolsky,
Barry Padolsky Associates Inc., Architects
15 Nov.Planning for Seniors.Nadine Jodoin, Specialist, Strategic Programming, City of Ottawa with Janet Baigent,
Manager of the Kanata Seniors Centre
22 Nov.Transportation Planning. David Jeanes,
Immediate Past President, Transport Action Canada

Winter 2017 - "Art in Everyday Life"

Coordinated by Cathie Faubert

Jan. 17Prof. Jesse Stewart,
Carleton University
Art in Everyday Life: Finding the Extra-ordinary
in the Ordinary
Jan. 24 Andrew Huggett,
How Music Moves You
Jan. 31 David Walden,
Retired from UNESCO
Whose Culture? The Role of Markets and Museums
Feb. 07 Jeff Stellick, Director
Ottawa School of Art
Art impacting Youth
Feb. 14 Ottawa Storytellers The HeART of Storytelling
Feb. 21 Robyn Heaton,
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Media and Design,
Algonquin College
How Graphic Design impacts our world

Spring 2017 - "Predicting The Future"

Coordinated by Phil Reilly

March 14

CACOR History

Drew Wilson

Economist/Mechanical Engineer, Chairman, CACOR 1994-1996

March 21

Global Systems Modelling and the Club of Rome: History and Prognosis


Robert Hoffman

Economist and Global Systems Modeler, President, WhatIf? Technologies Inc

March 28

Foresight:  The Future is Coming

Peter Meinke and

David Harries

Peter: Engineering Physics/President of UPEI (1978-1985)

David: Nuclear Engineer/ Chair of the Canadian Pugwash group and head of its Foresight Committee, Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science (and much more!).

April 4

Becoming More Efficient Using Alternative Energy Sources

Art Hunter

Aeronautical Engineer/ CACOR Board of Directors

April 11

Apprehension of Future Uncertainties – The Digital Environment and Change in Conditions of Change

John Verdon

Psychology & Anthropology, senior strategic and foresight researcher for Chief Military Personnel, National Defence

April 18

Club of Rome, Values and the Human Quality

Sheila Murray and Madeleine Aubrey

Sheila: Chair, CACOR Board of Directors, 2009-11, Dean of Continuing Education, Algonquin College, 1974-81 (and much more!)

Madeleine: CACOR Board of Directors, 2014-2016, President MADARTE Inc., art consultant for several television art series for TVO. For the past 4 years she has co-chaired a the National Roundtable for Teacher Art Education (NRTEA).



Series 17

Fall 2017: "Oceans Ecosystems"

Series arranged by Cathy Faubert

Speaker Topic
Dr Alan Emery - Director, KIVU Nature Inc. How Oceans Work
Dr. Edward W.(Ted) Manning, President Tourisk Inc and Principal Advisor to the UN World Tourism Organization on Sustainability Sailing Towards Sustainability: Managing the Impact of Cruise Tourism
Dr  Ellen Kenchington - Department of Fisheries & Oceans, Benthic Ecologist/Molecular Geneticist Canada’s Deepwater Corals and Sponges
Martin Taillefer - Pres. Maritime Way Scientific Ltd. Operational Oceanography, Environmental Tactics, Seabed Mapping & Analysis, and Salty Dips
Dr. Jake Rice - - Emeritus scientist on Ocean Eco-systems Fisheries Sustainability
Dr. Peter Harrison - School of Policy Studies Queen's University  Arctic Ocean Issues and Challenges

Winter 2018 - "The Arctic"

Organised by Bob Farrell

16 Jan 18 - 'In the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab' . The speaker will be Ms. France Rivet, the author of the eponymous book.

23 Jan 18 - 'So what's really going on in the Arctic?' The speaker will be Mr. John Falkingham, International Ice Charting Working Group.

30 Jan 18 - 'Underwater archaeology - diving on the Erebus'. The speaker will be Dr. Charles Dagneau from Parks Canada.

06 Feb 18 - 'Defence of the Canadian Arctic - RCN/USN operations in the early Cold War period'. Speakers: Lt (N) Jason Delaney, Directorate of History and Heritage, Canadian Forces, and our own Don MacNeil.

13 Feb 18 - 'Research and Development in the High Arctic'. The speaker will be Jennifer Sokol, the Manager, Partnerships and Engagement, Polar Knowledge Canada

Jennifer has over 20 years in government working for Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Polar Knowledge Canada. Her master’s degree is in remote sensing of hydrology (wetlands and snow cover) and she has worked in the field of geomatics policy and data management.

20 Feb 18 - 'The Legacy of the Canadian Arctic Expedition: Arctic Environment and History'. Speaker: David Gray, Partner, Grayhound Information Services.

Spring 2018 - "Journalism - present and future challenges"

Organized by Randall Denley and coordinated by Phil Reilly

20 Mar

"Opening lecture".

Rick Gibbons former Ottawa Sun publisher and CFRA host

27 Mar

"International coverage".

Andrew Cohen - formerly of the Globe and Mail, now teaching at Carleton

03 Apr

"Political coverage"

John Ibbitson

10 Apr

"Local talk"

Randall Denley

17 Apr

"Social media"

Joanne Chianello, former Citizen columnist, now with CBC,

24 Apr

"The Future of newspapers"

Carl Neustaedter, communications director with the Public Policy Forum and former newsroom manager at the Citizen


Series 18

Fall 2018 - "Role of Women in World Religions"

Coordinated by Debbie Gomez and Julie Chahal


Dr. Rashmi Venkateswaran, Senior Instructor, Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Ottawa


Anse Shehnaz Karim, National Executive Director of Sanad Collective

"Indigenous Spiritualism"

Emma Anderson, Professor, Classics and Religious Studies, U of Ottawa
Extra reading: Allan Greer’s Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits (Oxford University Press, 2005)


Milook Aqiqi, Member of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Ottawa


Angela Sumegi, Associate Professor of Humanities and Religion, Carleton U


Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka, Rabbi Emeritus, writer, broadcaster, and an activist

Winter 2019 - "Kanata High Tech"

Coordinated by Bob Farrell

"An Overview of the Kanata High Tech Community"

Leo Lax, Executive Managing Director, L-SPARK Corporation

"Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy - Atomic Energy of Canada Commercial Products in Kanata"

Dr. Phil Gregory, Systems Engineer, Best Theratronics

"The Up and Downs of a Kanata-based Serial Entrepreneur: Finding the Winning Formula"

Deepak Wanner, President and CEO of WannLynx Inc

"Government Funding Programs for Innovative small and medium enterprises"

Mark Allice, Industrial Technology Advisor NRC-IRAP

"Prosperity Through Connectivity"

Jean-Charles Fahmy, the CEO of CENGN (the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks)

"Automated Vehicles - current status, and their expected impact in the next two decades"

Barrie C. Kirk, P. Eng. CEO, Canadian Automated Vehicles Institute (CAVI),
Executive Director, CAVCOE, and
Director, Unmanned Systems Canada

Spring 2019 - "Indigenous art in Canada"

Coordinated by Jane Horner

Jane Horner

Introduction to Indigenous art in Canada

Lloyd Walton
Cinematographer, artist and writer

Ancient Wisdom in Petroglyphs and Pictographs

Alexandra Nahwegahbow
Curator of Historical Indigenous Art, National Gallery of Canada

Introduction to Historical Indigenous Art

Jane Horner

Inuit Artist Annie Pootoogook

Michelle LaVallee
Director, Indigenous Art Centre, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Creative Interventions into the Future through Curation, Collection Development and Stewardship

Mr. Ian Wright
Owner, The Snow Goose: Specializing in Canadian Inuit and Aboriginal Art

Dave & Moiya Wright: Adventure and Discovery in the World of Inuit Art

Dr. Allan J. Ryan
Associate Professor, Indigenous and Canadian Studies/Art History, Carleton University

ABOUT FACE: Indigenous Self-Portraits


Series 19

Fall 2019 (15 Oct to 19 Nov) - "Genetics"

Organized by Cathie Faubert and Lesley Anderson


Dr Alex MacKenzie, CHEO Research Institute

"Genetics and Rare Diseases"


Rashmi Kothary, Ph.D., Deputy Scientific Director, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

"Genetics and DNA – the reason behind our similarities and our differences"


Sarah Lockyer, Casualty Identification Coordinator, Directorate of History and Heritage

"Identifying WWI & WW2 Remains"

Nov. 5

Daniel Burnside, Carleton University Department of Biology Lab Manager: Molecular Genetics & Systems Biology Lab

"GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms"


Ghislain Cormier, General Manager – Ottawa R.C.M.P. National Forensic Laboratory Services

"RCMP Forensics Lab Using DNA to solve crimes"


Lesley Anderson,

"Using DNA in Family History"