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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Status

The link below will redirect you to a Government of Canada web page which gives the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada

Here is the link: COVID-19 Current Status

WELU Speaker Gifts

We always give a gift to our speakers unless they opt to have us donate to a charity of their choice. Currently we are purchasing wooden bowls as gifts made by Sprague Woodturning in Petawawa, Ontario

Here is a link to their website: Sprague Woodturning

Chasing The Muse: CANADA

Lloyd Walton, the first speaker in the 2019 series on Indigenous Art has launched the book discussed during his talk.
It is available through Amazon, Chapters, Kindle and four other sources (listed below).

book ad

Learning Resources

Many courses are available on-line at little or no cost. Here are a few sources:

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Submitted by Diana Pilsworth

The Canada Revenue Agency maintains a searchable list of Canadian charities. Use the Charities Listings to:

This is the web site address that will take you to the first screen where you can begin your search for information on a registered charity.

Page/screen 1. Basic search. On this first screen you will see two input boxes. The first gives general options for you to select. The second more relevant box requires you to input the name of the charity for which you require information. It is very important to provide an accurate name or your search will fail. The word "The" in front of a charity's name is usually omitted. Click on "search".

Page/screen 2. will provide the name only of the charity for which you are searching. There may be several branches of large charities. In this case, click either on the individual charity or the branch of a larger charity that you wish to investigate. This will take you to the next screen .

Page/screen 3. This screen provides basic information on your selected charity. Each item on the list reflects different aspects of the charity. The last item on the list refers you to the "Information Return" know as the "T3010 Return" which provides financial detail on the charity. Click on T3010 to proceed.

Page/screen 4 provides the option of selecting the T3010 for the past year or the three preceding years.

Page/Screen 5 provides an index of all the components of the "Registered Charity Information Return". You can click on any item on this index. For financial detail, click on Schedule 6, "Detailed Financial Information". If when this schedule comes up, there is no data showing, assume that the charity's revenue exceeds $100,000.00. In this case, you must click on Schedule 6, Detailed Financial Information on the first line in the box shown at the top of this page to obtain the detailed financial information.

Note: If you have questions or need further assistance, you may contact the Charities Directorate directly by calling 1 8002672384. You usually reach a live person and they are quite helpful in answering your questions.