West End Learning Unlimited

Spring 2019 - "Indigenous art in Canada"

Coordinated by Jane Horner

March 19

Jane Horner

Introduction to Indigenous art in Canada

Lloyd Walton

Cinematographer, artist and writer

Ancient Wisdom in Petroglyphs and Pictographs

March 26

Alexandra Nahwegahbow

Curator of Historical Indigenous Art, National Gallery of Canada

Introduction to Historical Indigenous Art

April 2

Jane Horner

Inuit Artist Annie Pootoogook

April 9

Michelle LaVallee

Director, Indigenous Art Centre, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Creative Interventions into the Future through Curation, Collection Development and Stewardship

April 16

Mr. Ian Wright

Owner, The Snow Goose: Specializing in Canadian Inuit and Aboriginal Art

Dave & Moiya Wright: Adventure and Discovery in the World of Inuit Art

April 23

Dr. Allan J. Ryan

Associate Professor, Indigenous and Canadian Studies/Art History, Carleton University

ABOUT FACE: Indigenous Self-Portraits