West End Learning Unlimited

Fall 2019 (15 Oct to 19 Nov) - "Genetics"

Organized by Cathie Faubert and Lesley Anderson


Dr Alex MacKenzie, CHEO Research Institute

"Genetics and Rare Diseases"


Rashmi Kothary, Ph.D., Deputy Scientific Director, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

"Genetics and DNA – the reason behind our similarities and our differences"


Sarah Lockyer, Casualty Identification Coordinator, Directorate of History and Heritage

"Identifying WWI & WW2 Remains"

Nov. 5

Daniel Burnside, Carleton University Department of Biology Lab Manager: Molecular Genetics & Systems Biology Lab

"GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms"


Ghislain Cormier, General Manager – Ottawa R.C.M.P. National Forensic Laboratory Services

"RCMP Forensics Lab Using DNA to solve crimes"


Lesley Anderson, Ancestry.ca

"Using DNA in Family History"